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Say Cheese! 5 Tips For Furry Santa Photo Opps

Dec 16 2010 - 12:55pm

In celebration of the season, say Santa (fur) baby and bring your pets to pose with the guy in the red suit! Since not all mall Santas will know how to handle it, here are five tips to get your pets prepped and keep everyone happy in the process.

Source: Flickr User Olaf [1]

Call First

Before you load the pups in the car, make sure the Santa you're seeing, and the location itself, is pet-friendly. It helps to call or go confirm he's OK with posing with pups so you don't take a trip down Santa Claus Lane for nothing.

Source: Flickr User Pacdog [2]

Stop and Sniff

Test your pet's reaction to Mr. Claus before the big day. Make sure he's comfortable being petted or held and that he's not scared of men in costume.

Source: Flickr User Yaletown Business Improvement Association [3]

Bring Backup

Bring treats to catch his gaze and to reward him for being such a good boy!

Source: Flickr User ctaloi [4]

Welcome Santa in

If you can't find a Santa at a mall near you or at your local pet store, no problem! Invite one over for a home visit, avoid the lines and take all the pictures you want.

Source: Flickr User Jim Moore [5]

Phone a Friend

You could get a pal to don a hat and pose as Santa himself. If you know someone with a costume, it's a neat idea to have him come to a local dog park so other people can take part. Happy holidays!

Source: Flickr User TrilliumAZ [6]

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