Pet Profiles: Precious Penelope Loves Her Parents

Reader MandyWH tells tales of her pretty kitty Penelope in our Pet Profiles series. Chronicle your own pet stories in our Pet Profiles group!

PetSugar: When did you get your cat and what's her breed?
MandyWH: We got Penelope in June of 2008. A friend had taken in a stray cat, who turned out to be pregnant, so she suddenly had lots of kitties to find homes for! Penny's a medium-haired calico, like her mom. She's also the softest cat ever.

PetSugar: What's your daily kitty routine?
MandyWH: Penny's so different from any other cat I’ve had — our routine is her routine. She gets up when we do in the morning, hangs out in the bathroom while I put on makeup, and stretches out on the kitchen floor while I make coffee and breakfast. She naps a ton during the day — she is a cat, after all — and then gets super playful in the evening, running around the house chasing toys and bugs. Then when we go to bed, she follows us in and either hops into bed with us or curls up in her own kitty bed nearby.


To learn about Penelope's favorite treats and more fun facts about the kitty,


PetSugar: What's your cat’s favorite food, pastime, and treat?
MandyWH: Penny LOVES Tiki Cat food. It's amazing stuff — it's all totally human-grade food, like salmon and tuna. She also loves freeze-dried salmon treats, which smell awful, but are super healthy for her. Her favorite pastime is playing fetch, of all things. When we throw her toys, she finds them and brings them back, and will pace and meow until we throw them again. The only drawback is that for some reason she loves putting her toys in her water dish, so they’re often dripping wet when they come back to us.

PetSugar: What was your all-time favorite moment with your cat?
MandyWH: Oh, so hard to pick just one! One that stands out is from when she was tiny — we’d only had her a few days. She was new to using the litterbox, and she got herself completely covered in kitty litter, and, um, other things. Yuck. We had to completely wash her up in the bathtub, and she was a miserable, traumatized little mess when we were done. But when we got in bed shortly after all the drama, she climbed way up between our pillows, smashed in as close as she could get to us, and purred herself to sleep. Total bonding experience.

PetSugar: Anything else we should know about your cat?
MandyWH: She loves her parents, but is NOT crazy about anyone else! Even good friends who visit often haven't been able to win her over. And she doesn’t just run from them — she hisses, spits, and swipes! Bad behavior, we're still working on making her more people-friendly.

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