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4 Fun Facts About the Slow Loris

Mar 9 2011 - 10:32am

I don't know about you, but watching that slow loris with his umbrella [1] has left me with these tiny creatures on the brain! These two twinsies — born last year at Moody Gardens (a nature reserve in Galveston, TX) — look anything but moody with those big eyes and curious faces. It's time to learn more about these primates and see more pictures in the process when you start this slideshow.

Pygmy Slow Loris Vs. Slow Loris

The Pygmy Slow Loris lives in the same area — Vietnam, Laos, and parts of Cambodia — as the Slow Loris but, as the name implies, is much smaller. While Slow Lorises are usually up to 4.5 pounds, Pygmy Slow Lorises rarely top even one pound [2]!

Just Hanging Around

Om nom nom. These primates eat fruits, flowers, slugs, snails, and other prey [3] found at night near trees. Pygmy Slow Lorises often hang upside-down from branches! This isn't just for fun, dangling by their feet means they can use both hands to eat.

Get a Grip and Go, Go, Go

Lorises have very, very strong fingers and toes and can get a grip for a very long time. When moving, they use this grip to move hand-over-hand and can do so just as easily above a branch as they can below. While powerful, this deliberate motion is almost like crawling, hence the "slow" part of their name.

All Eyes on Them

Their big eyes make these creatures very recognizable and, sadly, also very rare. They continue to be hunted for those very eyes, prized for traditional medical treatments [4] in the East. When sleeping, they roll up into a ball with their heads between their legs to not stand out.

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