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Kitty Dye Job: Cool or Cruel?

I can’t stop staring at this, umm, pikakitty. Is it because it’s absolutely adorable or because I’m concerned for the kitty’s well-being? More than half of you have said most pet dye jobs are cruel, but since this little Pokémon-inspired cat went viral over the web, most have overlooked possible safety concerns to dote on the undeniably cute paint job. While it is unknown whether pet-friendly paint was used, do you think this feline’s makeover was harmless, like dressing pets in outfits, or do you think it went overboard?


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TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
Definitely real. They've been the "rage" a few years back, mostly in Asian countries. It's cruel then and it's cruel now. Even dogs have been dyed in shocking neon colors or to look like pandas & other animals. Animals are beautiful the way they are. I hope people would stop dye-ing them. Consider the health risks involved and the stress the animals go through during "staining." :(
likethedirection likethedirection 6 years
I agree. It depends how it was done. It concerns me when the dye is so close to the eyes and ears. Some of these dye jobs look like the animal was dunked, which isn't cool. I've seen some die jobs where it just looks like the dye was maybe brushed through. That I guess isnt a big deal.
fancycat1954 fancycat1954 6 years
It's cute, but It IS somewhat cruel, It depends on how it was done, and how the cat reacted to having it done. Most would probably hate it, but some cats don't mind getting wet and it might not bug them. Only one of my 3 would probably stay still for it, it I wouldn't do it to her.
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