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Porch Potty at Worldwide Fido Awards

PetSugar Street Team: Porch Potty

While at the Worldwide Fido Awards in LA last week, Samson got to test out the Porch Potty, a sort of port-a-potty for dogs that lives on your porch. Since North is already potty trained, I wouldn't need something like this, but LilPeaPod says that it's a must have for puppies and older dogs alike!

Find out what she has to say about the Porch Potty and where to find them when you


LilPeaPod says that Samson took to the Porch Potty like a fish to water:

Samson is pretty well potty trained at this point, but I would snatch up the Porch Potty if you have a new puppy, or even an elderly dog that can't walk all that well anymore. The box is clean, has no smell (other than the scent of grass) and you don't have to empty out a tray like other faux grass systems, cause this is real grass! Plus you can get different models to fit your lifestyle from basic grass and box, to a full drainage and watering system to keep your grass growing. It's brilliant, and Samson dug it. Well, not literally dug into it . . . he really liked it.

The Porch Potty system runs from $155 - $200 (which is by far the cheapest on the market) and comes with the Porch Potty box and pan. You can choose between real grass, sod, or even order synthetic grass right from Porch Potty if you are prone to killing your plants. You can get the Porch Potty online (and on sale) right now!

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deanna024 deanna024 7 years
I just came across this thread, but have to say: if the only people who ever adopted dogs were those who were able to be with them 24/7, then we would have even more homeless dogs. There's already a population overload and the shelters are full. You can't tell me our dog doesn't have a better life even though she's at home during the day while we're at work, versus being shoved in a crate and used as a breeder at a puppy mill (the situation she came from). We do have to leave her alone, but in the morning we take her for a 20-minute walk, and another 30-45 minute walk every night, in addition to daily obedience training and play time inside with us. We are responsible dogowners, not lazy ones, and a product like this would really help us.
BellaBeagle BellaBeagle 8 years
why does everyone give an opinion o having a job, dogs being "accessories", etc...this is simply a tool to make your lives easier. and usually it will make the dog happier as he/she can go potty sooner (if not needing to wait for a walk). this is is an item of convenience for the dog owner...stop squabbling over subjective matter and buy a porch potty for YOURSELF!! i have one and love it!! i had the flu recently and had my dog using it exclusively for 2 days...she was fine and i was simply too sick to get out of the house. trust dog is my life, i don't have a job and walk her PLENTY, but this product makes us both very very happy!!!
ufshutterbabe ufshutterbabe 8 years
I had been tooling around with the idea of making something like this for my dog for a while now. He's not a big fan of rain or snow, and will sometimes hold his poop for more than a day if he doesn't like the weather. We have a covered porch that would be a good spot for it.
drea-nicole drea-nicole 8 years
I'd love to get this for viva! Or make one. She could use this when I'm not home and when it's too rainy outside for her. She hates wet grass and I don't blame her.
moonlissa moonlissa 8 years
This would work for about a week for Sadie. She changes the area she likes to go in about that often. I do pick up after her, but she knows that she has gone there too many times and we have to move on!
fabulicious fabulicious 8 years
so do you have to "mow" your porch potty??
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
I still don't see how having a job makes you unfit to have an animal. It's really amazing to me that you're putting these restrictions on people. I fyou have a stressfull job, no dog for you. This is a potty for your house. People can still walk their dogs and take plenty good care of them and have this for when they aren't there. My boyfriends parents dog could not be trained to do any pottying. SHE COULD NOT HOLD IT. It's a medical problem. She whined when she needed to go but if you weren't there to let her out THAT minute, she would pee right there. I guess it's just upsetting for me to hear you saying people with jobs shouldn't have dogs. This little potty would be great for just regular people, who's dogs can't/won't/should't go outside. It gets to be 120 degrees here in the summer. I would love to have this so B-Bop wouldn't have to go outside in the heat. Well regardless, it's pretty obvious you've got your mind made up and nothing will change it so it's kind of pointless to argue
BuchaBaby BuchaBaby 8 years
It comes across as if this potty-thing is a requirement and not a last option. And I think, if you know that you have really long workdays and you feel stressed out when coming home, then a dog might probably the wrong animal of choice for you. Again, that is what i think. Having the handy option of that potty-thing makes it, in my own point of view, very easy to keep a dog, cause it drops something of the responsibility of exercising him. (again its just MY opinion) While our first dog never had issues of not being able to hold her pee. Our nearly 12 year old Landseer-dame has. But she shows a pattern of behaviour if needing to pee. When i worked at the old peoples home, i learned that potty-training is very important for staying healthy in that issue and in that state of age. So training a elder dog takes a little more but its worth it, i think. So i think being at work (again my own opinion) is no excuse for not taking the full responsibility of a dog. Dont wear the shoe if its not fitting ;) (end of story)
Angelica Angelica 8 years
So at the awards did each porch potty have a name tag or were these "public"?
stellajodella stellajodella 8 years
Also, the dog doesn't have to be lonely just because they are at home all day. My fiance and I both work all day, but we have two little dogs that keep each other company when we are away. We never leave them alone for long periods of time, but I'm not "egotistical" because I have a job and dogs. They are a breed that requires little exercise and are great indoor dogs (in fact, one of them HATES going outside at all and often just goes to the bathroom on the sidewalk so he doesn't have to get in the grass and dirt. Plus, they still get plenty of exercise and love (PLENTY!). That being said, I really could have used one of these in college when I was living alone. It would have been nice to not have to walk my little bit alone at night. He's protective of me and all, but he's not going to scare anyone off, for sure.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
Nobody is saying that dogs are an accesory or that they aren't taken care of. I personally work from home, so my dog is RARELY ever alone. But MOST people don't have this luxury and work 8 hour days. So yes, sometimes dogs have to stay alone that long. I really don't understand how having a potty area available for when you aren't home is creating these horrible problems. You're assuming that people that have this don't walk or take care of their dogs? I agree with ehadams that you're missing the point. So I guess you think that people that use potty pads in their house are creating aggresive, mean dogs? Oh and I"m curious how you "solve" the problem of elderly dogs that can't hold it anymore? Just because you can't see a use for something doesn't mean that others can't. Everyone raises their animals differently and is entitled to their own opinions.
ehadams ehadams 8 years
I think Bucha Baby misses the point of this entirely.
BuchaBaby BuchaBaby 8 years
Okay, so a dog is more an accesoiry? Sorry if you have a dog, then you have to take care YOURSELF for the dog. Give the dog exercise. We had dogs as long as i can think of. I grew up with dogs. They got old, they died, sometimes they had potty probs, but you can solve that problem. But for me this THING is just soothing symtoms but will not influence that problems, which i think should be the aim. Would you leave your child home alone all the time? NO i guess not, why do it with a dog. If you are working ALL day long, then it is (in my opinion) just egoistic to have a dog without caring that the dog might get lonely or feels bored or because of that gets aggressive. Dogs are made being inside ALL the time, even IF there is such a thing. So the humans get a guilty feeling when coming home, the dog will pull the humans through the neighbourhood and the human will just accept it but at the same time the human will moan about the dog is not listening or obeying. You cant be a pack leader and be away all the time. Sorry for me this is just mental behaviour. (Sorry to be such impulsive or passionated on that topic but actually i think humans create 99% of animals "bad behaviour. We should be more beware of that)
vitisva vitisva 8 years
I had a neighbor that made one of these for her Welsh Corgi
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
This would be great from doggies that live in apartments, whose parents are away at work all day, so they don't have to hold it all day. For people who have elderly dogs. My boyfriends parents dog just passed but before she did, she had potty problems. Should couldn't hold it. If you didn't let her out right when she whined, she would potty right there. So having access to a potty constantly would be helpful too. ALSO, no not everyone has a park nearby, especially in big cities.
BuchaBaby BuchaBaby 8 years
sorry, but why should my dog need that? I mean we have parks dont we? Sorry, but why?
ladyr ladyr 8 years
I don't get how it would not stink. Doggie pee pee can be a pretty strong odor, so that would be my main concern.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I wish my friend's roommate would get this for his dog. She's getting older and has trouble making it through the night without going out.
356UIK 356UIK 8 years
These seem great. I had a friend who lived in a little condo and her bichon used pee pads that were out on her back porch/patio thing. I think for small dogs and for single gals who live in cities where its not safe to be walkin your pooch at all hours of the night these are great live savers. Also for people who life waaaaaay up in a high rise!
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