While at the Worldwide Fido Awards in LA last week, Samson got to test out the Porch Potty, a sort of port-a-potty for dogs that lives on your porch. Since North is already potty trained, I wouldn't need something like this, but LilPeaPod says that it's a must have for puppies and older dogs alike!

Find out what she has to say about the Porch Potty and where to find them when you


LilPeaPod says that Samson took to the Porch Potty like a fish to water:

Samson is pretty well potty trained at this point, but I would snatch up the Porch Potty if you have a new puppy, or even an elderly dog that can't walk all that well anymore. The box is clean, has no smell (other than the scent of grass) and you don't have to empty out a tray like other faux grass systems, cause this is real grass! Plus you can get different models to fit your lifestyle from basic grass and box, to a full drainage and watering system to keep your grass growing. It's brilliant, and Samson dug it. Well, not literally dug into it . . . he really liked it.

The Porch Potty system runs from $155 - $200 (which is by far the cheapest on the market) and comes with the Porch Potty box and pan. You can choose between real grass, sod, or even order synthetic grass right from Porch Potty if you are prone to killing your plants. You can get the Porch Potty online (and on sale) right now!