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Portuguese Water Dog Trivia Quiz

What Do You Know About Portuguese Water Dogs?

I love the coats on Portuguese Water Dogs – whether they've got waves or curls (both are allowed), they look like big balls of fluff! These two pups belong to Sen. Ted Kennedy (and wife Vicki) . . . and are members of the breed that will soon join the Obamas in the White House. Take my quiz and see if you can learn something before the First-Pup-To-Be joins their family!


What Do You Know About Portuguese Water Dogs?

This breed belongs to which AKC group?

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JennyJenJenMurph JennyJenJenMurph 8 years
Only half right--but I'm more of a fan of mutts so I think every dog can do everything! :-)
bleached bleached 8 years
My neighbour has one of these and I still only got 3/6...
Zivanod Zivanod 8 years
1/6 Just as I thought, I know virtually nothing about this breed.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Ha. I know nothing about this breed.
dzymzlzy dzymzlzy 8 years
Buzzcowboy, I clicked on your link and immediately recognized Chuck! I already purchased and received my 2009 Chuckles calendar. I love checking out Dooce ( )every day to see the latest picture of Chuck. If Petsugar people haven't checked Dooce out yet please do so immediately!
dzymzlzy dzymzlzy 8 years
A hypo-allergenic dog? sounds like a good candidate for the Obama girls!
Lexy403 Lexy403 8 years
i have a beautiful pwd and she is probably one of the smartest most loving dogs ive ever met. You cant keep her out of the water and she is incredibly funny!
Aphrosette Aphrosette 8 years
This is a beautiful and friendly breed. My next dogs will be PWD when I have the space for them. I despise the lion cut on this dog though (or any for that matter) it just looks ridiculous. I seem to recall they did Lion cuts on PWD in Groomer Has it, and they looked so very very silly!!! I do have to say though, despite there name, I've come across a few that are not so fond of the water. My parent's neighbors actually built an inground pool for their PWD and the dog won't go in it. Strange right??
ladyr ladyr 8 years
I wonder if this breed is in the running for First Dog. They are hypo-allergenic and shed very little. It would be hard to find a rescue, though.
buzzcowboy buzzcowboy 8 years
No surprise that the dogs get more attention than Ted - the dogs are actually beating Obama in the calendar race. Can't wait to see what the First Dog(s) has to say about it.
ladyr ladyr 8 years
I love this breed! My grandparents had a wonderful black curly named Gus. He lived to be 15 years old!
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