Pets get into the darnedest things! From the valuables coming with electrical cords to the unmentionables in the trash, having a furry friend in your home means always being out the lookout with pet-proofed spaces. There are many dogs and cats that love to unroll paper towels or toilet paper (like our POTD B-Bop), and lilsugar told me about a great product to keep your TP safe from baby hands . . . that works just great for puppy paws and kitty claws, too! Find out what it is when you


This neat product is the TP Saver 2 Pack ($5.97). Just slide the tube into the roll and attach the plug end into it to hold down the top sheet and save your roll. You can even add it after the toilet paper is on the holder so it's easy to detach and reattach when you need to use it.