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Puppy Potty Training Tips

Pet Community: Potty Training Tips

Readers, PetSugar Community member and Sugar staffer popsugar2 needs your advice on training her new puppy!

Need help potty training 4-month-old goldendoodle. Can he have a water bowl down day and night? He is thirsty! Any other tips??

Share your tips in the comments below! Got a pet-related question of your own? Ask it in the PetSugar Q & A group, and let our amazing community help you out!

Source: Flickr User Logan Frick

BustersPoppa BustersPoppa 5 years
It takes lots of patience. Don't get mad at your puppy if he pees on the floor, rug, or anything else. He doesn't know better yet, and its your job to teach him. Puppy usually go after they've had water or a meal, when they wake up from a nap, or when they're playing. You can tell when they're about to because they'll drop what they're doing, and start sniffing around. They're searching for a spot! When I was home, I would observe his behaviour, and pick him up and take him outside, let him do his business, and carry him back inside (he weighed just 7 lbs. in the beginning). When I worked, I would leave him in my bathroom, with his water and supper dish on one end, and a row of training pads on the other. by the time he was 2-3 months, I would just open the door to my back yard and escort him out. He probably learned the phrase "Outside?" about this time. And that's how it is today. He wont go on his walk, he'll save it till he gets home. I'll take care of the mess later, and spray an enzyme (available at PetSmart) to keep the grass from turning.
noxcatt noxcatt 6 years
Sorry as far as the water bowl, you don't want to deprive him of water obviously but let him have lot of water in the morning while your home just take him out a few minutes after and before you leave. I probably wouldnt leave tons of water available when you leave because then they won't be able to hold it. Leave a smaller amount maybe or if its not more than a few hours maybe wait til you get home to let him out and then give him water and then in an hour or so take him out again. As he gets older, you can extend the time between going out and more unlimited access to water as long as he can hold it. You don't want to let them have lots of water then expect him to hold it for long periods of time, even a 3-5 hours might be long for his age if he has had most of a full water bowl before you leave. I hope that helps
noxcatt noxcatt 6 years
Its worth the investment in a crate so that when your out of the house he will learn to hold it. Young puppies do need to go out every 2-3 hrs especially when your home so that they don't learn that accidents are allowed. I would take them out before putting them in a crate, no water meanwhile (maybe a limited amount if your away a long work day) and let them out as soon as you get home. Let the crate be his 'space' so when your home have the crate open, give him treats and toys to play with in there with the door open so that it doesn't become a punishment or anxious place when you leave. You also don't want the crate to be too big in that he will go to the bathroom in there. You want him to know he can't go where he lays. You can also try the wee wee pads for when you are home. Place one by the door you will be taking them out at and if you see them near it, take them out. Let them have that as a place they can go in case you don't pay attention for any reason but the goal is that they learn to go there as a signal to go potty. Larger dogs seem to be easier to teach in my experience, smaller dogs may take longer but the most important thing is to have alot of patience.
Dragonflye Dragonflye 6 years
Don't get mad at a puppy or a dog for peeing in the house. Once it's done, it's done. Just clean it up and move on. Give lots and lots of praise for peeing outside. And if you repeat the words "Go pee! Go pee!" when they are outside, on top of lots of praise when they *do* go, they should soon catch on to what it means. This makes the process that much quicker in the coming years.
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