I am rushing out the door so often, I wish I could substitute running late for a workout. All joking aside, one such afternoon when heading out for the day, I grabbed a snack for myself and a dog treat to give my dog as I left. I grabbed my purse and went to pop the brownie into my mouth. In defense of my tastebuds (and my baking), it only took one chew to realize that my brownie should not be hard and crunchy. Oops! I looked down and saw the brownie still in my hand. I spit out the dog biscuit, realizing it didn't taste all that bad despite a comparative lack of flavor. I immediately went to the kitchen to read the label of my pet's all-natural dog biscuits.

I've listed six actual biscuit ingredients alongside six dangerous foods for pets in my quiz below. Do you know which of the following food items were on the label? Take my quiz and find out!

Quiz: The Trick's on Me!

Ingredient or not?