Wow, you came up with so many great suggestions to help with problem pee spots on the lawn! I've compiled some of my favorite ones below – from products to buy to DIY tactics, check out this great list!

  • Order Only Natural Pet Lawn Protect ($20 for 250 tabs). These pills are formulated with key B-complex vitamins, Biotin, dl-Methionine (an essential amino acid), and yucca schidigera extract to assist in digestion and assimilation of protein and other nutrients in the food – this means less concentration of waste, like nitrogen that burns the grass, in your dog's urine.

  • Pick up a Pee Post ($9). The pheromone-treated plastic yard post encourages your pet to eliminate in a specific area – he'll smell the attractant pheromones for months and choose that spot while the rest of your yard stays greener!

See three additional suggestions when you


  • Add moisture to his diet. We learned that adding a couple tablespoons of tomato juice or apple juice to pup's dry food, or introducing more wet food, can dilute the nitrogen concentration of the urine.
  • Sprinkle the lawn with a baking soda and water mixture.After you see your pup do his business, you can add water or baking soda and water on the spot and help neutralize the acidity of the urine. Or you can sprinkle garden lime and water it – this will restore the proper pH balance to the soil but these fixes will need to be added on each bathroom break.
  • Work a special potty area into the garden. If you designate a special part of the yard for potty times, pups can be trained to go to that spot. A couple readers recommended putting down soft stones or river rocks, which create natural drainage and are easy to hose down with less mud!