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Red Yeast Infection in Dogs

Does Your White Dog Have a Red Yeast Infection? (Mine Does.)

That's right, lil North is less than his typically bright self. Before you go around thinking he's a dirty dog — he's very clean thankyouverymuch — a red yeast infection is a common ailment of white or light-colored dogs, even though you may not know the disease by this name.

The bacteria Ptyrosporin, aka red yeast, thrives on moist, damp fur and causes reddish or brown stains below the inside corners of his eyes. And, since it thrives in wet spots, Ptyrosporin may cause the infection and staining, but it's my pup's excessive tearing that makes it worse.

Find out what happened at our latest vet visit when you


At North's checkup, the doc determined that something in California is triggering his allergic reaction (since it was all clear in NYC) which causes his reddish marks and excess tears. He then licks his paws, another affected area, which exacerbates the situation there with more moisture. Eeks.

While he doesn't need antibiotics to clear this up, I've gotta keep a closer eye on his eyes to make sure it doesn't get any worse. Now that I've explained what a red yeast infection is, have you ever seen this in your pets?

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goldpalms goldpalms 5 years
I am very interested in your vets comment that this condition is being seen in California. I am an Immunologist and find this interesting from an epidemiological point. I have two mini schnauzers that both have developed a rust-red stain around their mouth, beard and paws. They have also developed very bad teeth.When living on the east coast I did not hear much about this issue & I personally never had the problem in my dogs.. In our area in Southern California there has been a significant increase in the number of reports regarding allergic dogs and interestingly, people. Please consult your vet and send me their business email which I will do in return. I think there could be a much bigger problem developing here than a problematic red color in fur.
cfp cfp 7 years
Cornelius gets this often, too. I just make sure I clean his eyes every other day.
mln410 mln410 7 years
That is the cutest picture of North! My Bo-Ter, Monte, hopes he feels better.
boopie926 boopie926 7 years
Our frenchie gets this too. It was really bad when he was younger, but it has actually improved a little as he's gotten older. We usually try to wipe down his face once daily with an unscented baby wipe and then put a dab of desitin cream over the stain to help dry it out and block moisture.
fashionaza fashionaza 7 years
Oops, i thought the post was about red eyes, my frenchie is brindle as you can see in the picture, i should stop drinking during the day and read more carefully, kekeke
fashionaza fashionaza 7 years
my frenchie too!! i took him to the vet and he was prescribe some eye-drops. But it was important to make sure he did not have a scratch cornea before using the drops.
kismekate kismekate 7 years
Yes! My frenchie gets this bad. I try and clean her face but nothing seems to help with the redness.
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