While certainly not the most economical way to “own” a dog, FLEXPETZ provides a novel option for a pet lover trying to determine if a full-time pet can fairly fit into her lifestyle. As its name implies, FLEXPETZ is a flexible pet ownership program providing rescue dogs with a carefree, loving environment and providing people with busy schedules or restrictive pet ownership rules the opportunity to spend QT with canine pals. Catering to high-end clients, this service rings in at a price of $299.90 for registration with a monthly membership fee of $49.95, plus $24.95 to $39.95 per daylong excursion. The program is currently offered in Los Angeles and San Diego and will expand to Manhattan, San Francisco, and London by the end of this year, and to Washington, DC and Boston by Spring 2008. While surely a creative alternative, you may be better off borrowing a friend’s dog for the day—both will appreciate it, and you may even make a buck doing so!