While most kitty collars come in a standard size, traditional dog collars come in a variety of styles and widths. Two common materials for both types are leather and nylon. Nylon is easily washed clean, but leather is very durable and becomes more flexible over time (with oils from your pet's skin). When choosing a collar, consider:

  • Size of the collar. Pick one with an appropriate length and width for the size of your pet. Narrower collars work best for smaller guys, and wider ones for the big dogs. If you're getting an adjustable collar, measure your pet's neck, and then add on two to three inches extra to the last hole. If you have a puppy, make sure you change to a more appropriate size as he grows!
  • Fit of the collar. Collars should ride high on your pet's neck. While it should have room to move and never chafe skin or restrict breathing, it should not be so loose that it slides off his head or down near the top of the shoulder blades. A good tip is to see if you can easily fit two fingers between the pet's neck and the collar.