I admit there's plenty of fashionable (and bizarre) dog clothing out there, but here's one of the most common questions I get: "Dogs have fur, isn't it silly to put anything else on them?" Well, the answer I give without fail is vague, but true: It depends. While a Samoyed in Minnesota may not need a heavy coat, it's possible that a Chihuahua may need one on a chilly night in the Valley. As a general guideline, smaller dogs with shorter coats will be more likely to need that extra layer than a larger, long-haired pet.
The best way to tell what your animal needs is to watch his behavior. If your Italian Greyhound is shivering or trying to enter every open door on his evening walk around the city, chances are, he'd appreciate an extra layer. Remember, more activity makes your pets warmer just like running will make you break into a sweat faster than a leisurely stroll, so a pup sitting outside will get colder than when chasing his pals around a NYC dog park. Use your judgment and don't let anyone else decide for you.