Cat owners look forward to medicine giving probably just slightly less than the actual animals themselves! Few friends with felines have never suffered a bite or scratch from even the friendliest pet. You'll need to watch her afterwards so you don't see the pill you thought was swallowed . . . come back up onto the carpet. Try crushing the pill into small pieces and mixing it with tuna or hiding the meds inside canned food or a savory piece of meat or fish. While "sneaking" the pill into food is the easiest way, some picky kitties will go on hunger strike, forcing you to put the tablet in their throats yourself. To see my six easy steps to do this,


  1. Don't make it a chasing game. Start by grabbing your cat from behind the face with your thumb and index fingers placed on the maxilars joint (as shown here).
  2. Slowly shift your pet's head backwards by raising her head and placing slight pressure on her jaws.
  3. While her head is still bent backwards with one hand, grasp the pill between your thumb and index finger of the other one. Gently sneak your middle and ring fingers of that hand between her front teeth and push down on her lower jaw.
  4. With her mouth wide open, throw the pill as deep as you can in her mouth towards the back of her throat, avoiding her tongue at all costs. If she can taste it, she may try to struggle.
  5. Close her mouth with the hand holding her head and softy rub her neck and throat area until you feel that she has swallowed.
  6. Release the cat and watch her closely for a few minutes. Many times cats will lick their noses or mouths after this, meaning success! Be certain to have a favorite treat on hand – if she eats that, it's likely the pill has already gone down, and offers a nice reward for her good behavior!

Got something to add? Share your pill-giving techniques for cats in your comments below!