Okay, so maybe the stroller didn't go over that well with most of you, but what about a more traditional walk? I've already scoped out some harnesses for uncommonly leashed pets (i.e., not dogs). But what happens when you do buy one of these – how do you get kitty to walk? My friend took a little outdoor adventure with her adorable cat on a sunny weekend and snapped some fun pictures – and shared some advice to make things go smoothly. Find out her advice (and mine) when you


  • Be patient and start young. Ever heard that saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" Well, seems like you can't really teach an old kitty new tricks, and walking on a leash is one trick that your pet may not be in for. It can take even more patience to get an unwilling, older cat to venture out on a leash and, sadly, some of them just never see the appeal.
  • Begin indoors. Attach the harness and leash to your kitty and let him get comfy with it – Flexi leashes work well because they give your feline more wiggle room. Once he's moving around, shorten the leash and convince kitty to come towards you as you walk around indoors. This helps pets learn not to pull and lets them calm down – once he's mastered this on several occasions, move it outside.
  • Lure kitty with a smelly treat to keep him by your side and coax him outside with "happy kitty voice." If you live in an apartment building, it may help to carry your pet (all harnessed up) to the door waiting 'til you are outside to put him down.
  • Make those first outdoor treks in the early morning or late evening when street traffic is slow. If possible, try a quiet, protected area like a courtyard. This lets kitty sniff and feel the grass at his own pace, and limits the number of disturbances by outsiders.

All set! You're ready for the catwalk!