For dog owners, taking a walk is a must-do . . . and for other pet owners, it can be a do, too! Equipped with special gear, you can take a stroll around the block with your pig, cat, ferret, rabbit, iguana, or even bird. Animals can benefit from out of cage time, and even if it's just a stroll around your home, a harness and leash ensure they don't scamper (or flutter) off somewhere unreachable.

  1. Get your pet used to wearing a harness indoors for short periods of time. Start by just putting it on during playtime in a secure area (for small pets). Harnesses work best on these pets because it is harder for them to wriggle out.
  2. After she seems somewhat comfortable with the harness, tie a rope or scarf to the harness so she gets used to the feel of something attached to it. Let her drag it around to feel the pull.
  3. Finally, you can attach the leash and take a walk. Try it out inside first and, when you feel like she's ready, take it outside during a quiet time of day. Have a pocketful of treats (or pieces of her food) to lure her to walk with you. Let her investigate the grass and trees but take her inside if she becomes spooked.

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