Even though I'm among the lucky bunch whose pet has never encountered this stinky pal, I do remember my best friend's dog getting sprayed when we were kids. Yuck! Her mom ended up using the tomato juice method which made her bathroom (and dog) smell like a tomato-dipped skunk . . . and left an awful mess from every time he shook. As I like to prepare for the worst before it happens, when I stumbled upon a home remedy for desmellifying a pet, I had to pass it along. To see this recipe,


Mix 4 cups of hydrogen peroxide with 1/3 cup baking soda and a splash of Dawn dishwashing detergent. Wet your pet and work the formula through his fur. Let the mixture soak on your pup for four or five minutes (in a supervised environment). Rinse thoroughly, dry, and discard the rest. If you need just a spot remedy, make a spray-bottle solution to keep on hand to cure problem areas.