One of the ickiest, but most important, parts of a dog's annual checkup is the stool sample. Usually we scoop poop several times a day, but it goes straight into the trash without a second thought. However, most vets require and request this very deposit to check for worms and other diseases. For first time visitors, the logistics (How much? How fresh?) can be baffling. Here's a simple how-to for this doodoo must do:

  1. Mark a freezer-style resealable plastic bag with your pet's name, your name and collection date.
  2. Turn this bag inside out being careful to have the sealing part safely covered.
  3. After your dog's most recent meal before the doc's visit, bring this bag along with your normal scooper of choice.
  4. Collect a small deposit (like one poop) – they actually don't test much more than a tablespoon – and seal up the bag taking care not to smush it.

It's as easy as that! Labeling helps make certain your pup's sample is correctly matched – remember, less is more, and fresh is best.