You may recall the sad story of 800 dogs living in a Tuscon triple-wide mobile home? Well, I've got a (much more) uplifting follow-up for you. Yay. Many of these dogs have already been adopted in Arizona and across the country, including at our local Marin Humane Society! When I got an email from a reader about her touching experience, I knew I had to share the happy update with you. This cutie pie has been renamed Sophie by her new mommy – even though the pup's still adjusting, look how cozy she looks in her new home! Read the touching story and see more pictures of this lil pooch when you


Yesterday I went down to the Marin Humane Society and adopted a little 7-pound Yorkie who I named Sophie. She was one of 100 dogs brought to the humane society here after being rescued from the breeder/hoarders in Arizona a few weeks ago. She's terrified of humans but gets on well with my other little dog, Buddy. Right now I'm giving her some calm space to get her bearings and I'm sure with some love and time she will come out of her shell.