While the American Kennel Club releases an ordered list of the top 10 most popular dog breeds based on the previous year's registered numbers, I decided to host my own informal survey here on PetSugar to see which pooch our readers picked as the most common. Choosing from the most popular dogs from 2007, you decided that this year's list toppers would be Labrador Retrievers! Considering that this breed's come out on top for the last 17 years and counting, I'm thinking your vote for labs will be right again this year when the results come in.

However, I'm gonna go ahead and award the Bulldog some love 'cause of his smooshy face, of course, but also since last year was his first time breaking into the top 10 since 1935. I'm predicting big things from the big "bully" in the future. If you haven't voted yet, don't forget to take your pick because I'll be comparing our final rankings to the official ones released by the AKC in January.