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I know January's the beginning of the year, but for many lucky kids (pets are like our children, right?), September kicks off a whole new start. In honor of back to school, I'd like to add even more advice and tips from me – and all of you – to the site!
Do you have problems you want to work on? Submit them to my Pet Peeves group. I'll be tackling them as they come in . . . and even asking the rest of you to chime in as well. Just think of this as your own support group for your furry friends.

To start it off, I wanted to share a simple training trip I learned from Teresa (of Greatest American Dog):

We use positive reinforcement and clicker training a lot. When Leroy does something that I like, I click and treat. It's not necessarily food, I could use a ball or a frisbee as his treat. When he does things that I don't like, I redirect him to something else that he could be doing. So it's not 'no, no, no, no,' it's what else can I give you to do so you can't do the wrong thing . . . so you can get praised which leads to the right thing being repeated. I'm trying to get as many correct things out of him as possible.


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Catryse Catryse 9 years
Thanks so much I ordered the SEP. Hopefully this one works.
lilCROAT03 lilCROAT03 9 years
pick up the poop. and don't let her eat other dog's poop? also...this is how i trained my boyfriend.
Pets Pets 9 years
Try this:
Catryse Catryse 9 years
This is a little embarrasing but I've tried everything. My dog Ruby is 2yrs old and she has developed a nasty habit of eating her poop. She eats her dry dog food regularly. I've tried a powder that you mix in the food that is supposed to make her food taste nasty but that hasnt worked. I tried putting cayenne pepper or hot sauce but that hasnt worked either. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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