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Whether you prefer early morning, midday or postwork workouts, here are three ideas to start your own fitness group. After all, working out with others keeps everyone motivated and accountable . . . and is more fun in the process.

Morning: To get started, recruit friends with similar a.m. schedules. It’s possible to create an impromptu boot camp even without a professional instructor. Start off with a 5- to 10-minute walking warmup on level terrain. Seek out familiar landscapes like stairs and hills to provide a great uphill course. Use attached wrist and ankle weights to add more challenge to walking lunges and jogging. Then switch it up and head to a park for jump rope, jumping jacks, and squat thrusts. Finish up with a stretching cooldown.

Noon: Find like-minded co-workers and use a lunch hour to go on a walk. Take the initiative and set up an invite on everyone's calendar. It’s an easy way to squeeze in a workout and get a mental break, too. This could even serve as a good catch-up time to discuss work — so set that meeting in motion!

Night: Plan a running group after work by polling friends and friends of friends via email or social networks. Look for an upcoming 10K or half marathon in your area, and use that as an excuse to start a training team. This shared goal is a perfect way to bring everyone together toward a common goal and often raise money for a good cause, too.

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