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Hiking is a great way to switch up a workout and see nature in the process. It’s customizable each time you grab your hiking boots and pick a path that’s best suited to the desired distance and intensity for that day.

It’s inexpensive and easy to start. No gym memberships needed. Just grab proper hiking shoes and clothes that allow a good range of motion and airflow to your skin. People of all fitness levels can participate, and it’s fun to hike in a group as a way to spend time together getting fresh air.

It’s something different. Instead of scoping the same indoor scene on every gym workout, hiking shows a varied landscape with each new trail and season, from the flowers to the wildlife to the varied views along the way. It's easier to stay motivated when heading out in a group than getting geared up for a solo gym workout. Look up nearby trails online or in a guidebook, and remember to always bring a friend and make sure that someone knows where you are going.

It’s good for you. Hiking improves cardio-respiratory fitness for healthy heart and lungs. It can cause increased bone density for stronger bones. Like hiking, regular aerobic exercise puts people at a lower risk for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also helps tone muscle and with weight control — you can burn upward of 350 calories in an hour of moderate to strenuous hiking.

Now grab a bottle of water and slather on St. Ives Deep Restoring 24-Hour Moisture Body Lotion for on-the-go hydration before you hit the road.

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