Although Giggle usually has some quirky news to share with me, this story is certainly no laughing matter. Turns out pet owners in the town of Windsor, Canada have to not only worry about other pooches at the park, but also aptly-named birds of prey.

According to a recent article, dogs frolicking at Willistead Park have seen some hungry hawks stalking the skies overhead . . . and occasionally swooping down for an apparent "snack."

One such owner, Mark Koppeser, says his five-pound Yorkie was nearly a meal for one persistent bird:

We heard a noise like a caw or a squeal. When we looked up, there was a huge bird soaring and it spread its wings less than a foot above Ginger . . . I yelled like you'd yell if your kid was going to get hit by a car.

Now one local bird expert is still skeptical about the story saying that it's the wrong time of year and even a small dog would be big prey for a red-tailed hawk, I wouldn't take any chances there, would you?