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The Scoop: Come Quick . . . The Bird Is Ringing!

Now sometimes I jump when my own phone rings, but imagine jumping when you hear your phone ring, only to realize that it never rang at all! This bird, Billy, is the culprit behind that very scenario with his owner, Stuart McNae, both seen here. The Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot is able to perfectly learn and mimic ringtones . . . so perfectly, in fact, that his owner has had to change the mobile phone's sound five times already! To make matters worse, Billy also likes to wait until Stuart leaves the room to copy the sound, and even imitates laughter when he dashes back to answer. The bird has already learned the Nokia theme, Lou Bega’s Mambo Number 5, the BBC Match of the Day tune, Soul Limbo by Booker T and the MGs and Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry . . . I can't think of trickier tones to test such a qualified creature with, can you?


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RMF587 RMF587 9 years
Just put the thing on vibrate.
chancleta chancleta 9 years
very very intelligent animals i could never own one but i appreciate and respect them
pattyxxcore pattyxxcore 9 years
I have an amazon too, and everytime the phone rings he'll hollar from the back room where he lives "HELLO?! HELLO!!" and ring his cow-bell. he's crazy, and he's too mean for us to even try to train him to get out of his cage :(
macgirl macgirl 9 years
I would love to hear audio of that bird doing this. We had a blue and gold Macaw growing up and he was a real handful. We adopted him from an office that couldn't handle him any longer. He would mimic phone conversations every time the phone would ring. He would answer by saying "hello" then go on to do this murmur thing with a few "ok, ok.." then he would say "bye". He was a bit nuts as well and would scream bloody murder when you left the house. These birds can live to be 90 years old so you need to really think about it before adopting or getting one. Ours only made it to his mid twenties unfortunately. He had a heart attack shortly after my parents moved houses :-(
gal321 gal321 9 years
thats really cute and funny, i didnt know parrots had a sense of humor like that!
mudnessa mudnessa 9 years
I have worked with quite a few parrots, they are so entertaining. We have a Severe Macaw that laughs when you drop something. An African Grey that makes the beeping noise of dialing the phone, this one took me a while, I though my boss was dialing the phone but then I realized one thats way too many digits and two I never hear her talk. Seriously it took me a while, a few months!! In the winter our parrots are inside and by the time we would get to working with them it would be about lunch time so me and my co-worker would always be commenting how hungry we were. One day another co-worker came to us and said, "Hey do you know why Tango keeps saying, I'm Hungry." Oh and one of the best, when the neighbors had a party for their little daughter there were a million little girls running around screaming like only little girls can, the African Grey learned that little girl scream real quick. Stopped the neighbors from complaining about the birds from then on in. The same African Grey would also imitate the fledgling hawks scream. Usually you hear the screams from the hawks for a few months but he would make sure you heard them a lot longer. Parrots are so entertaining, I'm just glad I didn't live with the parrots. :p
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