Doesn't this man (and stuffed dog) look proud? Especially with the fake poopy prop as a demonstration of how this self-cleaning pooch potty works.

Today marks the opening day of the 36th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, where more than 710 exhibitors from 45 countries come to present their innovative creations. This is Philippe Glimes (of Spain) who came up with the pretty genius – but I'm betting pricey – product . . . if it ever makes it to mass market, that is.

Learn how it works and see the toilet up close when you


The continuous carpeting that represents grass – umm, astroturf – is automatically washed with a high-pressure hose (masked by that additional strand of green), and all the poo is washed down into the sewer. Hmm, that's an interesting alternative to scooping if they put this on every street corner instead – what do you think of it? Cool? Crazy? Something else . . .