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The Scoop: Gerard Butler in the Middle of a Dog Fight

Nope, not a cat fight — the sometimes heartbreaker Gerard Butler had a furry run-in with the law in NYC on Monday. TMZ is reporting more details on the dog fight involving the actor's smooshy, who we've glimpsed frequenting the set of The Bounty (along with fan fave, Norman).

Gerard's off-leash Lolita was allegedly attacked street side by a Greyhound, Mayfly, which caused the actor to push away the offending animal . . . and later bring his Pug to a vet for injuries. Although the Greyhound's owners claim that Gerard smacked one of their dogs without cause, no charges have been pressed and all the involved pups are OK.

I understand the illegality of having a pup off leash but, as someone who's had her dog attacked unprovoked as a puppy, it's a split-second reaction and a scary thing for all parties involved — do you think there's more to this story? Before you share, check out a cute video of Lolita looking rather friendly on leash as a puppy back in 2007, when you



Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
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lamagdalena lamagdalena 8 years
In this particular incident the details aren't clear so I can't make any assumptions on whose fault it was. I will say keeping a dog off leash does make it your fault if your dog gets attacked. (this does not include dog parks where they can go off leash with no problems) Lots of times off leash dogs will go up to leashed dogs even if the dogs is barking, and growling to have them back up. Most dogs don't take those signals as warning signs and what can an owner do who is holding their leashed dog and trying to walk away from a dog who is pursuing them off leash?
Sophie827 Sophie827 8 years
Oh please - letting your dog off the leash doesn't make it your fault if it gets attacked. My mum was walking our dogs off the leash and our dog was trotting along beside her when she got attacked - having the dog on the leash would not have made a difference. It wasn't illegal to the dog off the leash either. It should be illegal to have dangerous dogs though.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
I agree with the whole "your own fault if you dog is off-leash" thing. Its true. My last pup was a bit dog aggressive (she was a shelter dog with a previously awful awful life that took a lot of behavior therapy to deal with). I always kept her on leash and once some guy's off leash dog (a cute pit) comes running over to my dog wanting to play I guess (he was friendly). My dog was not thrilled and started barking and snapping and this guy comes out and yells at me for having an aggressive dog and blah blah blah. I had to remind him that MY dog was on a LEASH! It really pissed me off because I'm being responsible and he wasn't but it was my fault? Greyhounds are sight-hounds and naturally are not the best with small prey-looking animals (not all but most). Shame on Gerard for ignoring leash laws that are there for everyone.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 8 years
I heard on the radio today that the pug ran over to the greyhounds; there were two being leash walked by a married couple close to the movie set. The couple are claiming that his dog ran over to theirs and they admit that one of their dog did get aggressive. They did not file a complaint about Gerard hitting their dog. The complaint was about him walking his dog without a leash and then harrassing them over the incident. They claim that he started yelling and using profanity about their dogs. They also claim he knocked their one greyhound hard enough to knock his head againt the fence which caused him to start whimpering, but they are not filing a complaint about that since it was to separate the dogs. As to who is at fault remains to be seen, but I personally think Gerard's breaking of the leash law is the reason that the two dogs got close enough to each other for trouble to have even started. Having a dog who can be aggressive towards certain male dogs after having been attacked by an unneutered male golden retriever when he was a year old, I keep my dog on a leash at all times. I even cross to the other side of the street if I can when I see other dogs walking towards us. That being said, if somebody's off leash dog came running over to my dog, I'd yell a warning of my dog being aggressive, and try to separate the dogs but I don't think I'd be (totally) at fault if my dog ended up showing aggression. He is perfectly safe and obedient on a leashed walk, but if another dog invades his space and runs up to sniff him, instinct kicks in and he gets fearful of being attacked again and he may show aggression. Sometimes he growls and snaps, and other times he may run behind me - I never know what his reaction is going to be. Renee - a shorter leash doesn't mean squat if it's the loose dog running up to the leashed dog. Whether the dog was at their hip or walking 5 feet in front, the pug was running up to him - the leash length would not have mattered.
darkangel7090 darkangel7090 8 years
He looks odd with that little dog.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
I don't agree with the logic that its your own fault if a dog attacks your off leash dog. I don't think it's Smart, but someone who has an aggressive dog should be keeping them on a shorter leash around other dogs anyway. Its more like everyones fault, an owner who can't control their dog on leash is just as much at fault and the dumby who thinks it's ok to have their dog be off leash all the time. And I'm confused as to why Gerard Butler would Smack the greyhound for no reason? That seems weird.
Molly Molly 8 years
Love the puggy! That video is the cutest ever.
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