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The Scoop: High-Flying Kitty

When ten-month-old tabby, Gracie Mae, went missing from her home in Ft. Lauderdale, her owner began looking everywhere, including having her father remove parts of the bathroom tiles and cabinet to look into a small crawl space. Kelly Levy's husband, Seth, had just left on a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas-Fort Worth and she learned that he also lost something – his black suitcase.

Flash forward to the next morning – right before Kelly was about to put up missing pet signs around the neighborhood, she received a shocking phone call. A man in Ft. Worth had accidentally picked up her husband's suitcase at baggage claim, opened it up, and out popped Gracie Mae. The good samaritan offered to hang onto the cat until her husband could get there and even bought a pet taxi for the kitty's flight home! With all the problems I've heard about pets traveling in checked baggage/ cargo in clearly marked kennels, this miracle cat (who still had her spaying stitches no less) survives being packed into a suitcase, going through x-ray, flying four hours to Texas, and being loaded and unloaded off a commercial airline as any other piece of baggage. Initial reactions make me think of not only how lucky this kitty is but also how shocking it is that no one discovered this shy cat during any of the handling processes. But, after the sad stories of Scooter, I'm so glad this mystery has a happy ending!


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CanadianInVA CanadianInVA 9 years
That is an amazing story. Mental note to self: head count before any suitcases leave the house.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
there went about 3 of its lives. 6 more left
SugarKim4203 SugarKim4203 9 years
Our cat once climbed into a neighbor's attic from their open garage and stayed their for a week while they went on vacation. She was soooo skinny but sooooo happy to see us.
Pets Pets 9 years
As of this point, Scooter (the pug) has not been returned to his owners yet. Sad.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
Poooooooor kitty!!! I'm glad she was safe.
king's-queen king's-queen 9 years
Aw, precious kitty will probably never go near a suitcase again! Glad she is ok! Was there ever and update on Scooter? I never heard if they got him back?
millarci millarci 9 years
That's an incredible story! I'm glad it had a happy ending! :)
aembry396 aembry396 9 years
That is an amazing story...but she couldn't have been quiet?!?!? I wonder how no one heard anything.
Catipa Catipa 9 years
How amazing she made it home okay!
purelove purelove 9 years
Oh my goodness - so glad she is ok and survived! unbelievable.
sweetk8ty76 sweetk8ty76 9 years
Poor kitten. Thank goodness she's OK. I'd be horrified if Blossom went missing.
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
I saw this earlier. I can't believe the cat survived!!
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