All this talk of what the airlines are charging for the details, got me thinking about my lil detail, North. He loves being included in my life – and lets me know when he doesn't feel that way – but, boy, can the price of plane tickets get us down! When looking into a summer trip with my pooch this week, I realized a very shocking (and troubling) fact: JetBlue has doubled the price of a cabin pet from $50 to $100. I spoke with a representative from the airline's corporate communications department who shared some information on this change. Learn what I found out when you


On May 1, 2008, the nonrefundable fee for a high-flying pet became $100 each way. This airline still only allows small pets – weighing up to 20 pounds inside a carrier – to travel under the seat counting as your "personal item." The price change was part of an effort to combat the continual rise in the cost of operation – I was told that a lot of thought was put into this decision, and it could be considered a last resort as the industry is encountering a unique environment because of the price of fuel these days.

The news hits pretty hard, especially considering this airline is known for having some of the lowest one-way fares around – $100 each way could very well put your pet's ticket cost over that of your own! I can definitely understand bringing a doggie or kitty onboard for a big holiday or important trip, but this price point makes it often cheaper and easier to keep pets grounded at a fab boarding facility instead. What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments below.