Newfies fill a special place in my heart. If I had a large home with a large backyard, those large, black dogs would be tops on my list even before I heard about the amazing tale of this very special Newfoundland named Connie. Connie shares her home with Hazel Carter who suffers from crippling arthritis. Everyday tasks were becoming increasingly difficult so Hazel got resourceful and enlisted the help of her best, furry friend. Not only does the pooch carry her own dinner bowl and put it back, she also helps pick up things off the ground, and can untie Hazel's shoelaces if need be. However, her most amazing accomplishment, IMO, is her ability to do the laundry. Curious? Then


Connie picks out the dirty clothing from the basket, places it in the machine, adds a detergent ball, and paws the machine on. After the cycle is done, the ever-resourceful pup transfers the wet clothes to the tumble dryer with her mouth and sets that into action. Hazel insists the pup knows to separate the dark clothes from the white, which seals the deal for me. This all sounds a bit too good to be true but, with a doggie who has been successful in several obedience contests, it looks like she's definitely got one blue-ribbon winner on her hands here — and a possible future in animal training!