There are over 2,500 dogs working with military units around the world . . . but what happens when a dog gets hurt on the job? Up until recently, pooches severely injured in the field were flown for treatment to a cramped building that opened 40 years ago during the Vietnam War! No longer. A $15 million veterinary hospital opened Tuesday (in its place) at Texas's Lackland Air Force Base, which also houses the working dogs' training facilities.

Housing all the best technology, features include everything from canine CT scanning equipment to rehab like this underwater treadmill. Lackland currently trains 750 dogs – the pups usually enter between one-and-a-half and three years of age and most work until about 10.

With demand outstripping the number of dogs available, hospital and veterinary workers were trying to keep them healthy and working as long as possible, said Army Col. Bob Vogelsang, hospital director. Then, they're adopted out and stationed at "Fort Living Room."