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The Scoop: The Most Common Breed in California Shelters Is Now . . .

Even though many people (wrongly) assume that all shelter dogs are big, that's just not the case everywhere, and there are more smaller dogs than ever in California. Recently replacing the breed most likely to appear at pounds — pit bulls — are the oft-teacup-sized Chihuahuas.

There are so many lil pups at shelters in the Bay Area that staffers have to take matters into their own hands and find other locations to hold the pooches. One Oakland shelter plans to charter a plane to airlift tiny pups to other states where they'll be more likely find homes (like that T'giving mission) and volunteers there have already driven over 100 Chihuahuas to shelters in Oregon, Washington, and Arizona.

Why all the extra effort? Well, bitty dogs are still in demand for many regions, and it's better to place as many pound puppies in happy houses, no matter the state. Are you surprised to see this breed pass pitties on the commonly found list?

Source: Flickr User Bree Bailey

likethedirection likethedirection 7 years
So sad to think of a little shivering chihuahuah sitting in a noisy shelter cage. I hope the celebrities that helped make chihuahuas so popular see this story and help out. They have to have a special place in their hearts for chihuahuas if they've owned one. Paris and Britney have enough money to help fly these orphan chihuahuas to shelters that don't have (as many) little dogs for adoption.
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
Where I used to live in California, pit bulls are some of the most common dogs found in shelters. I'm with you, lilkimbo, I wouldn't move somewhere that wouldn't allow my pets. My dog is a Staffordshire bull terrier/lab mix and while that's typically a no-no dog (Staffs), I listed her as a lab mix on our apartment application. The ladies at my complex have all seen my dog and love her to pieces (she licks everyone). I hate the idea of breed restrictions, especially if chihuahuas aren't on that list. The chihuahuas around me are constantly barking and trying to attack other dogs (including my own).
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I'm not surprised at all. I agree with Smacks that so many people think small dogs are the way to go if you have children, when really, the opposite is true. I have to say, I think Pit Bulls are still pretty likely to show up at pounds in my area, simply because there are so many apartment or condo dwellers who have strict rules to abide by. I personally would never move somewhere that didn't allow my dog! (I wouldn't have to worry about breed restrictions, but I wouldn't live somewhere that didn't allow dogs at all.)
Allie1138 Allie1138 7 years
I'll give one a home! :)
ladyr ladyr 7 years
I'm not surprised because I have gradually observed the rescue groups that are active with SF Chihuahua Meetup having more and more chis and chi mixes who need homes. They are really overwhelmed and are working very hard to find permanent or foster homes to avoid euthanasia for these little cuties. I have had the opportunity to meet lots these dogs through the meetup, and they have had some really sweet and adorable dogs!! Adopt, foster, spread the word!!!! Also, often people who are fostering dogs need help with basics like training, walking, driving the pups to the vet, etc. So, if you can't have a dog right now, and want to get your doggie fix, consider contacting a foster based organization who needs helps. A Leg Up Rescue, Grateful Dogs, Muttville, and Shake Wiggle n' Roll are some groups I'm familiar with here in the Bay Area.
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
This is so frustrating, this is why Disney and other movie companies should not be allowed to make movies centered around an animal. When 101 Dalmatians came out, the same thing happened. This is just one reason I'm against breeding, this is out of control.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Does not surprise me. Any dog breed that becomes a fad has the potential to end up in shelters in large numbers. Weren't there lots of dalmations that ended up in shelters after 101 Dalmations came out? Chihuahuas are already a popular breed and relatively easy to acquire, so it doesn't surprise me that in some areas they could be the most numerous breed in shelters. It's truly sad and tragic. I know some great shelters on the east coast that don't have many smaller breeds and these dogs would probably find homes fast at these shelters.
aubrey214 aubrey214 7 years
I used to volunteer and foster dogs for a shelter in Florida and its so sad to see the number and varieties of dogs that end up there because owners don't want to spend the time. Some people get so caught up in getting the dog and forget about actually owning the dog. When it takes more than a few weeks to actually train the dog or if it means they might have to change their lifestyle a bit to accommodate the animal, they give up and then the dog loses... big time.
Spiderlove Spiderlove 7 years
It makes me sad to think people buy them as accessories... I LOVE my chi more than anything...
Smacks83 Smacks83 7 years
Min, I think a lot of people buy them as accessories and not realize that they are living creatures that grow up, and can have behavior or health problems. These little dogs are very delicate (people tend to wrong assume little dogs are good for little kids) and since they are the big fad now they are being over bred by unhealthy dogs (and crazy-*ss people) to be smaller and smaller at the risk of their health. Man, people just keep messing up breeds.
minhoca minhoca 7 years
not suprised at all, the chihuahua really is a difficult breed to have that just turned into a fad. they can be quite aggressive and not do well with children. i think alot of ppl buy them on impulse or as gifts, not really realizing it may not be the breed for them.
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