Saying goodbye to a pet is a difficult experience for any family, and the number of unique ways to commemorate a pet continues to astound me as the pet-loss industry grows as well. Even if you're not interested in a LifeGem or Perpetual Pet, it's not uncommon to honor the loss of a cherished furry family member in your own special way. Pet Angel Memorial Center offers memorial and burial services for pets from dogs to iguanas and everything in between at one of their three US locations (Carmel, IN, Wichita, KS, and Pinellas Park, FL). Learn a little bit more when you


They've got many packages available but, what sets them apart is that they offer actual memorial services for your friends and family in addition to remembrance burial and cremation packages.

"We started the business because I don't have two-legged children," owner Colleen Ellis said. "All I have is four-legged children and I wanted her treated in the same way as the human-funeral business, which is the business I come from."

I wouldn't be surprised if this concept spreads to other cities – what's your take?