With the effects of global warming causing problems around the globe, I'll admit I was a tad surprised when I read about this solution to an early end to hibernation. Because of the rising temperatures, tortoise experts in England are recommending that owners keep their pets in the fridge (!) during winter months. You see, when warm weather wakes the turtles too early – before the final cold snaps of winter – the creatures are at risk when temperatures drop again. If the animals' body temps rise above around 41 degrees Celsius, the reptiles will begin digesting food and will die when it gets cold again. In response to this growing issue, Joy Bloor, owner of one of England's largest tortoise sanctuaries says that "if you open the door every day they should get enough air . . . but you shouldn't go away on holiday and leave them."

Hmm, I'm pretty neurotic about my fridge – I don't even like smelly food or leftovers to go in there, and I can't possibly imagine keeping a pet in there. Am I being unreasonable here? Share your thoughts in the comments below.