Remember North's cute carseat? Keeping pets secured in your car is very important — it prevents accidents if they decide to crawl somewhere they shouldn't and also helps you concentrate on the road, not on them! If you do get into a crash, and your pet gets hurt, paying for pooch's resulting health-care costs is entirely up to you. That's no longer the case for Progressive members – they've added a pet-friendly perk to their plans. For no additional charge, their customers can get a $500 benefit if a pet is injured in a car accident. This plan (which has been officially in place since Sept. 6) includes liability coverage for any pets that are hurt in a crash other than the insured's animals – so there's no additional need to set up your pet or worry if you're transporting a furry friend for your friend. As a bonus, you can get discounted rates on pet insurance from their site as well!