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The Scoop: Slentrol, a Weight-Loss Drug for Dogs

If your pooch is overweight, there's a drug on the market to help him get rid of those few extra pounds. Packing too much weight can affect a pup's heart, coat, joints, breathing, and activity level. It's estimated that about 17 million dogs in the US are overweight or obese, making it an all-too-common problem for our pets to face... and vets to see. Slentrol, a canine obesity drug released earlier this year by Pfizer, must be prescribed by a veterinarian. It's administered orally once a day to decrease the appetite of dogs... and should be used along with an overall weight loss regimen.

Now, I know if I left five cups of food out for North each day, he would certainly eat it... but I wouldn't feel right continuing to feed him just because I know the food will disappear. While this drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the message it sends sounds very familiar to the quick fixes we often hear about for humans – rather than working to establish healthy portions and exercise plans, a "miracle cure" is introduced to make things better. How do you feel? Share your thoughts with me in your comments below.


beatlegirl beatlegirl 9 years
I work for a vet office and we had a representative from the drug company come present the information to us regarding Slentrol. The information was very interesting. Weight can effect dogs in different ways and speed things a long like hip and leg problems. The drug effects the way a pet actually interprets food. An owner will be giving a lot less food then usual while taking Slentrol but the pet will probably not even eat all of it while on the drug, it helps the pet lose more weight faster. However the pet must get proper exercise while on the diet. The drug is not permanent and the owner must follow through with the recommendations after the drug is done. Our veterinarians were not as enthused about the drug, but were more inquisitive if there was a variety for cats. At this time there is no drug to help weight loss in cats. The rep said it was something they will probably work on in the future. I believe with dogs this drug can be helpful in extreme cases but not for dogs that can be easily controlled with a perscription diet like Hills W/D or R/D. I think if Pizer would come out with a drug for cats it would be a better sell to veterinarians, only because cats don't get as much exercise as dogs should and tend to get overweight easily. They make perscription food for cats too but it seems to take longer to see them actually lose the weight. Diets are very important for dogs and cats who are obese because other health problems can occur with obesity. Pet owners have to be willing to stick out the diets, exercise and costs involved for special care for their pets.
Fashion Fashion 9 years
That guy looks so sad. What a face! xo
ImJessica ImJessica 9 years
Most pets don't need a diet pill, they need their owners to have a little sense and feed them the right amount.
nikodarling nikodarling 9 years
I have a simple solution. Feed your pet properly and exercize them every day. If you can't properly take care of an animal then don't have one in the first place. Easy.
mnp mnp 9 years
I can see why it's wrong but it will help a lot of pet owners control their pet's weight. I was watching a documentary on severely obese pets and the relationship the owner has with their pets. A lot of these owners feel compelled to overfeed their pets because they love their pets so much; and, when their pets beg for food, they just can't say no. So, with this Rx, the pets won't come begging for food so much and their owners won't feel any guilt for not feeding the dog as much. I read about the meds the side affects isn't anything like human diet meds. I'm all for it...if the circumstances are right.
davisdavis davisdavis 9 years
That's so wrong. Pets are dependent on their owners for exercise and portion control. To give them a diet pill is a total cop-out and completely crazy. (I could see it as reasonable for pets that were so overweight that they were having joint pain and couldn't really get around.)
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