If your pooch is overweight, there's a drug on the market to help him get rid of those few extra pounds. Packing too much weight can affect a pup's heart, coat, joints, breathing, and activity level. It's estimated that about 17 million dogs in the US are overweight or obese, making it an all-too-common problem for our pets to face... and vets to see. Slentrol, a canine obesity drug released earlier this year by Pfizer, must be prescribed by a veterinarian. It's administered orally once a day to decrease the appetite of dogs... and should be used along with an overall weight loss regimen.

Now, I know if I left five cups of food out for North each day, he would certainly eat it... but I wouldn't feel right continuing to feed him just because I know the food will disappear. While this drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the message it sends sounds very familiar to the quick fixes we often hear about for humans – rather than working to establish healthy portions and exercise plans, a "miracle cure" is introduced to make things better. How do you feel? Share your thoughts with me in your comments below.