I love animals, but I have to be honest and say, if I was placed in a situation like one that Adam Warwick faced last week, I'm not sure how I would respond!

Warwick, a Wildlife Officer from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission made a quick (and dangerous) decision to save a drowning bear who was shot with a tranquilizer dart after wandering into a Florida beachfront neighborhood. The 364-pound black bear was stunned after being tagged with the dart and ran straight for the nearby ocean. Warwick, acting fast on his instincts, dove in to help after seeing the bear struggle in the water:

He was losing function in his arms and legs, and was obviously in distress. I knew I had to keep him from drowning.

Although at one point the bear looked as if he was going to climb on top of Warwick to keep his head above water, he walked away with only a few scratches to show for his efforts, and the black bear was safely released into Florida’s Osceola National Forest.

If you were in Warwick's position, would you have jumped in the water to help?