The Scoop: Welcome Vale the Titi
The Scoop: Welcome Vale the Titi

It's been at least a week since we've gotten our adoro baby animal fix here on PetSugar! That's way too long if you ask me so here's where Vale comes along. This tiny titi monkey was the first to be born in the new rainforest biome of London Zoo in late January. Parents Yara and Thiago proudly showed off their 4-week-old babe last week as the zoo made the announcement of this red one right before V Day. Titi monkeys mate for life and both parents share responsibility for the young one. In fact, often times, the daddy has primary care giving duties, but still brings the wee thing to mom for nursing, of course. This picture shows Vale resting on Yara's back while gazing into his pop's eyes — I couldn't resist sharing more closeup shots in a gallery when you