Dog sees and dog pees. Walks two feet and repeats – such is the nature of walking most male dogs around town. While many city sidewalks display signs asking people to curb their dogs, a new invention by Lennart Järlebro takes that idea one step further. He has invented what is essentially a doggie urinal – a rubber cup attached to the base of a lamp post with a pipe to drain the pee out onto the street. He says that this product will reduce corrosion and save an awful lot of money by adding 15 years to the life of street lamps in his native Sweden. What's left to imagination is the cost of production and installation of these doggie potty stations across any city.

But, this already odd story becomes even more baffling as, rumor has it, that Nicole Richie, baby mommy-to-be (and existing pup mommy), has signed on to promote this bizarre invention. While the patent is pending, ponder your pets going on a specific spot on a specific lamppost – would your dogs pee in cup for you?