In the final episode of Groomer Has It, the remaining two contestants, Jonathan and Artist, had to beautify one dog from each of the seven groups, in addition to these bonus "mutt magic" pooches seen below! Polar Bear, an adoro Westie/Eskimo pup, and Corey, the Dalmatian/Lhasa Apso mix, were the eighth and final dogs groomed as part of the competition. This week's quick tip was to pay attention to the type of dog you're working with and use appropriate techniques for each type of coat:

  • With long haired dogs, avoid vigorous scrubbing as to not tangle their hair and don't forget to use conditioner.
  • For shorter haired dogs, use a rubber brush in circular motions to remove excess undercoat in the wash.

With most of our votes, seems like many of us were rooting for Artist . . . but did he pull through to beat Jonathan, top dog from the very start? Find out in the video clip from the final announcement when you