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Season Two! Meet the Groomer Has It Contestants

Apr 15 2009 - 2:05pm

If last year was telling at all, I'm excited to tune in and watch these groomers grow (and animals' hair . . . do the opposite) for season two of Groomer Has It. All joking aside, even if you missed the first episode over the weekend, check out this round's contestants so you'll be able to follow my weekly recaps of the new series airing Saturdays at 9 p.m. E/P on Animal Planet [1].


Age: 25. "After walking into PetSmart and seeing the groomers at work, she knew right away that grooming was her destiny."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [2]


Age: 25. "She isn't afraid to say it like it is, and with the extremely high-end clientele of Beverly Hills, she knows how to keep even the most discerning customer happy."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [3]


Age: 42. "Started grooming at the age of eight with his grandfather who was a show groomer and breeder – he now focuses completely on commercial grooming."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [4]


Age: 22. "Although she is often questioned about her youth and inexperience, she loves a challenge and lets her work speak for itself."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [5]


Age: 52. "Joe will go to great lengths to make his dogs primped and pampered; he was once caught singing to high-class pooches!"

Courtesy of Animal Planet [6]


Age: 28. "In addition to grooming, Krista is a grooming school administrator, educating over 40 groomers per year in the Edmonton area and brings the glitz and glam of Las Vegas to Northern Alberta."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [7]


Age: 42. "With multiple Best in Shows, Best All Around and a six-year member of Groom Team USA, this energetic groomer is ready to compete at the drop of a hat."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [8]


Age: 25. "Believes that his people skills combined with his grooming skills will put him one step above the competition and that his business savvy will take him to the top."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [9]


Age: 39. "True calling was working with animals . . . He is without a doubt a 'dog lover before a dog groomer.'"

Courtesy of Animal Planet [10]


Age: 28. "Despite her farming community environment, Sherri is innovative and brings average 'dirty dogs' to life!"

Courtesy of Animal Planet [11]


Age: 27. "She gets a 'feeling' when they want treats, are impatient, have to go to the bathroom or just have something to say to her."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [12]


Age: 41. "He has a sparkly personality, is fiercely competitive and carries a sarcastic sense of wit."

Courtesy of Animal Planet [13]

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