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I Appreciate My Dog Because . . .

Happy National Dog Day! Like I need a holiday to celebrate those cute canines but if you do, today's your day. Whether you currently share a home with a dog, have a furry pal as a BFF, or simply hold on to the memories from your youth — I'd love to hear why you're happy to share the world with pups!

I'll start everyone out with the sentence: "I appreciate my dog because . . ." so check the comments for my answer to kick things off!

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My beloved Jessica died October 18 2010, three days before my birthday. Nothing could be done to save her, all of the medications that kept her alive with IMT for four and a quarter years, killed her. I thank the Lord that I knew her, she was a treasure to behold. Numbers 6: 24-26
I appreciate my Standard Poodle Jessica because she taught unconditional love to a woman that only had love/hate relationships! From day one when she picked "me" out and then would have nothing to do with anyone else to force the issue of being allowed to be my daughter>> to everyday she does not leave my side! I wake every morning thanking God for Jessica and end every day saying "Thank God for you!" She is endless pleasure and joy...
Pup-Fan Pup-Fan 6 years
Because no matter what mood I'm in, seeing that wagging tail and adorable face makes me smile. Because she loves me. Because a house without a pup is no fun. So many reasons... :)
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
I appreciate my dog because she taught me not to give up. When I got her, she was a "bad" dog who couldn't take good walks, who tried to alpha-dog me, who chewed and barked too much. I worked with her a little every day, gave her lots of love and attention, and now she can walk calmly and she understands that I'm boss. She's even learning how to be quiet when I tell her to!
deanna024 deanna024 6 years
I appreciate my dogs because they love me no matter what. No matter how good or bad of a day I've had, they all brighten up and wag their tails just from the simple act of seeing me or me petting them. They show me it's the simple things in life, like love and time spent together, that really matter.
Pets Pets 6 years
I appreciate my dog because his enthusiasm for everything is contagious and his antics make me smile on even my worst day . . . plus he makes sure I don't eat all the peanut butter myself!
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