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Because We All Need a Distraction Today, Here Are Some Silly Cats

Nov 9 2016 - 12:25pm

There's something about cats. They're so fluffy, cute, annoying, standoffish, selfish, and cuddly. It's hard to resist a cute kitty, which is something we need on a day like today when the US is going through a bit of an upheaval [1]. In an effort to keep our spirits high, we share with you this collection of silly cats doing what they do best: putting a smile on our faces.

Booped ya!

Argh, matey!

Fate: accepted.

Nope, no thanks.


Make it stopppppp!

Where is it?!

That booty wiggle!

Such a graceful little one.

Big kitties love to play, too.


Need attention now.

Let me help . . .


Low five!

I like this bag. It's a good resting place.


So ferocious.

You live in here now.

I. Regret. Everything.

Cat.exe has failed.


Run for the hills!

Ready for bath time.

Dis my place. Bye.

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