Sniftag Monitors Your Dog's Activity
Sniff Out Your Pet's Activity With the Sniftag

Curious what your pet is up to during the day, or how much exercise he really gets with your expensive dog walker? Wonder no more — the Sniftag can give you all the answers you need, and then some. All you need is an Internet connection . . . and the Sniftag, of course.

It's a sort of pedometer (or maybe more appropriate, a "pawdometer"?) that tracks your pet's activities — everything from walking and running to lying down and standing still — then records it in your pet's online profile for you to monitor and adjust if necessary. Plus, if you meet some other pooches while on one of your walkies, and they also have a Sniftag, you can compare activity levels since the Sniftags "talk" to each other and share simple stats. You can even add your new four-legged pals as buddies on your profile later. Don't worry, Sniftag would never share personal (or private) info!

To see more details about the Sniftag, including how much it costs, just


The Sniftag Starter Kit comes with the Sniftag monitor, a base station (which reads the data from the tag), two rims, two colored face plates, two collar clasps, all the tools you'll need to hook up your Sniftag Base Station to the Internet (USB and Ethernet cables), and a power adapter, for $150.

Even better than knowing how much your dog runs around your house while you're away is knowing where they are if they happen to get out — the Sniftag uses pinpoint location to show where your pet is at all times. How much would you pay for peace of mind? My only worry is that I'd give in and buy a Sniftag only to find that North lies around and sleeps all day. Too bad the Sniftag can't speak doggie — it could tell him to get moving!

I don't care where they are all day (or rather I know they are on my "dog-free" Furniture) so I would only want in case I lost them. It sounds like lo-jack for your dog.
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