Considering Jessica's toting tendencies, Ashlee may be taking tips from her big sis! Since Rigby's already grown bigger than Daisy, I'm guessing sooner or later (please, oh please, make it sooner) this lil pup will get a collar or harness (and tags) of her very own. It's not just the Simpson gals as both Tony and Pete get in on the dog carrying action, too.

While I prefer to let my pooch walk on his own four paws, if I was confronted with a great number of fans or paparazzi on the streets, I'd probably also be photographed with North in my arms most of the time – I wouldn't want him to get trampled, pull me off towards his new friends, or prevent my hasty exit. So, as much as I'd like to see these celebrity pets walk, I can understand the other factors in play to provide these great pictures to us.