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Storm Defender Cape and Mutt Muffs

PetSugar Q + A: How to Deal With Thunderstorms?

Do rising temps bring about an increased occurrence of stormy weather in your part of the country . . . and how do your dogs (over)react? I've offered up a few tips for thunder terror in the past but one PetSugar reader has a more specific question regarding noisy situations.

In the community group, PetSugar Q and A group, Pup Fan asks:

It's thunderstorm season and I have a scared pooch – Anyone tried the storm defender cape or Mutt Muffs (earmuffs)?

Share your tips in comments, then submit your own burning pet questions in the forum, too.

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Pup-Fan Pup-Fan 7 years
A friend just sent me another product that I'm taking a look at, so I wanted to share in case anyone else is still exploring options as well. It's called the Thundershirt ( seems somewhat similar to the Storm Defender Cape. @Astrid Nicole, it reminded me of the halter top idea you mentioned.
Pup-Fan Pup-Fan 7 years
Thanks, everyone! As Bella has gotten older, her fear has gotten worse - I can't even get her to sit still and snuggle time no longer works. We had another bad storm last night - she was a mess. Sounds like the cape might be worth a try (and I like the halter top idea too!).
fashionaza fashionaza 7 years
i put my frenchie in bed with me and under the covers, we both get scared! But it works, once he feels secure he sleeps like a baby.
Astrid-Nicole Astrid-Nicole 7 years
A friend of ours who's dog is a very large German Shepherd, wears a tight fitting ladies halter top during storms. It seems to help a lot.
BloodyFuFu BloodyFuFu 7 years
I have a friend who has the defender cape and as weird as we both think it is it does seem to help calm him during a storm. I've become a big believer in the idea that the static they can feel in their fur is what causes the agitation. I grew up with Chows, and they hated storms, but my pit bull could not care less about a storm. I would give the cape a try for sure, so weird but it helps.
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