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Street Team: Joey Pet Pouch

Do you want to join PetSugar's street team? I'd love to hear firsthand about your favorite new products because I can't possibly buy them all – simply write a blog like this one and let me know what gets four paws up in your household and why you love it. First up, Karebear25 was searching for a great carrier for her Silky Terrier — and the third time's the charm as she finally found this one. The sling-style Joey Pet Pouch ($39) goes over one shoulder and the bag rests at the opposite hip like a messenger bag . . . and is perfect for those pups that like to be cuddled close. Little Toby previously hated his carriers – but loves this one! It's a one-step loading process and promotes bonding because the carrier allows him to be snuggled like a baby, but keep mom's hands free!

The Joey Pet Pouch comes in five sizes, based on the owner's proportions, to make sure the carrier fits just right and is comfy for you, too! It evenly distributes a pup's weight and works for pets up to 15 pounds – perfect for that small, calm pet that will contentedly remain by your side.

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MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I thought about getting this for my cat because ever since he was a baby, I spoiled him by carrying him around in my shirt tucked under him like a kitty b'jorn. :) He still paws at my shirt once in a while, but he's too big. I ask him, "Do you want in?" and he meows and starts trying to crawl in. Hehehe. When we lived in a smaller area, I took him to the vet wrapped in a blanket and he was fine. When we moved, I had to get a normal carrier due to more activity at the vet and higher possibility of him getting hurt or panicking. He HATED it and felt terribly frightened and has never been the same at the vet! So now I'm looking for something that allows his comfort and closeness, but can still protect him.
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
My Oliver would probably love this! (Even though he is a cat!)
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Puppy Purse! :)
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